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London was voted the third best city in Europe to visit in 2017, so unsurprisingly I wanted to visit as soon as I could so this weekend I packed my bags and headed to the city. To get to London I took the train from Cambridge Station to Kings Cross this with a day travel pass which allows you to use the Tube and Busses cost £23.10 which I think is a fair price as we used the Underground a great deal and a few buses here and there.

Once we arrived in London we left Kings Cross station to find somewhere to get breakfast (The main purpose of the trip was to eat as much food as possible) our first stop was Cutter & Squidge in Soho. It’s a small patisserie/bakery which we found online and just had to visit to try some of their famous Biskies. I also had a Strawberry and cream Blondie which is the best Blondie I have ever had. After breakfast, we hopped on the tube and headed to Camden Market.

When you arrive at Camden the first thing you notice is the shared mass of people, no matter where you go you are limited to the walking speed of the person 100m in front of you. To begin our adventure around Camden we picked up some orange juice made from real oranges which were pressed in front of you and came in a mini milk canteen. We explore Camden for a few hours checking out the little, weird and wonderful store set up. From Antiques to Nuclear Survival kits everything you can think off can be found in Camden. It’s also a great place to try different street food from all around the world we tried Chinese, Thai, Hungarian and Greek but you can everything from French Crepes to Indian Curries and all for some really affordable prices (Compared to the rest of London) but if you’re visiting from outside London food will in general cost a bit more especially drinks such as bottled water and cans. If you’re in Camden Market and looking for some unique trendy clothes then definitely check out a shop called Clime-it brothers, it’s a small start up business which aims to raise awareness of Climate Change to young people its shop is located in the Stables in Camden.

Camden is also full of some amazing street art, it really adds color and character to the area, just down the road from Camden Market is a wall covered in different pieces of street art. Along the lock its self you can find some work. There is also a few still in the Stables which sells some really great Artwork if you wanted to pick up some paintings or prints.

After our visit to Camden, we hopped on the Tube and headed back to Oxford Circus to explore the very busy Oxford Street, its the place to go if you want to get some high-end shopping done and is located right next to regent street so there is quite a lot to see and do in the area. After spending about two hours on Oxford and Regent Street we headed back on the tube to visit Westminster to get some photos of the key landmarks in London, unfortunately, Big Ben and the houses of parliament were undergoing so maintenance work and was covered in scaffolding. It also then decided to rain (England for ya) added a very gray overtone to the city.

One of the best things I have found in London is Sky Garden is located at the top of the Walkie Talkie skyscraper, Sky Garden is a viewing platform to overlook London’s skyline it really does offer some amazing views it also has a bar located at the top with seating and tables and an open air roof terrace. The best bit … it’s completely free to go up and check out the view.

After we had finished we started to make our way back to Kings Cross station to catch a train home, for new people visiting London one of the biggest shocks was a sheer presence of Armed Police, Kings Cross Station must be one of the safest places in the country. Armed Police, Sniffer Dogs, Riot Vans and constant patrols certainly make you feel safe while in the station but really makes you think how big the threat must be for them all to be there.

Overall London is a beautiful, diverse and rich cultural experience there is plenty to do and see and it certainly doesn’t need to break the bank, I will post links to the things I have mentioned above and a few I didn’t in case you were interested in checking them out for yourself. Thanks for reading and feel free to post any questions or comments below.

– For finding out which tube to get and when I recommend using Google maps, great for general navigation as well

– Cutter & Squidge (

– Clime-It Brothers (

– Planet Bazaar, a weird antique and home store (

– Sky Garden (

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